Youth Coding League, Spring 2023, Season Recap

Burke Murphy, Youth Coding League Program Manager This Spring Season, Goodhue County Youth Coding League winners scored in the top 12 nationally. Award-winning teams were Bluff View, Goodhue, and Kenyon-Wanamingo. The winningest team was Goodhue’s 7th /8th-grade Squad 7 team, placing 2nd for Community Favorite and 6th for Technical Merit! The Squad 7 team included Arlyn von Knobelsdorff, Zach Huneke, and Ethan Dierks. For 2nd place, each team member won an HP laptop and for 6th  place, LED Flying Discs.  Kudos to the community of Goodhue, submitting 264 votes for Community Favorite, putting them over the top of all other schools in the county!

Way to go Goodhue!

Photo of Goodhue 7th /8th grade Youth Coding League class celebrating their school win!

Tiger Pride was strong for the Bluff View 5th/6th-grade CIE Team who won 2nd Place nationally for Technical Merit – meaning their coding project was judged by professionals! 

As seen below, Bluff View’s Youth Coding League was celebrating a Spring Season WIN with a pizza party for all the students. During our pizza party, we recognized Elliot Klein, Isaiah Weinrich, and Izayah Johnson, who make up the 5th & 6th Grade Team, CIE, who won 2nd Place nationally for Technical Merit.

From left to right, Coach Cole Lundell, Vincent Finnigan, Christian Platte (In the back), Will Stolzenberg, Shawn Hadler, Elliot Klein, Isaiah Weinrich, Izayah Johnson, Carter Keim, Henry Boe, Evan Olson, Tahli Meyer, Jackson Finley, Logan Cole.

Thank you, Coach Cole Lundell, for leading a great team of students!

In the Fall 2022 season, the Bluff View YCL team also had a winning team – the Three Mitochondria won 3rd place for Technical Merit, winning coders Elliot, Carter, and Jason won electronic drum sets!  But more than that, these students are winning pride of place among their classmates.

When asked if they wanted to continue with YCL next year, everyone raised their hands, as you can see from the photo below!  Youth Coding Leagues will be offered to 5th/6th and 7th/8th graders next Fall 2023 and Spring 2024! Be sure to sign up before school is out – and become a Bluff View coder.

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