Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Funding

We offer funding up to $2,500 for Startups needing to access technical talent to advance their business.



Marketing, finance, business planning, legal, technical development, solution development that:

How it works

Technical Assistance Funding is made possible through a collaborative relationship between Red Wing Ignite (program administrator) and the program funders – Goodhue County and the Economic Development Agency (EDA).

Program Purpose: Enable Startups to procure technical talent needed to advance their business.

Funding Limit: $2,500 per Startup

Program Process

Apply >>>>>>>>> Approve >>>>>>>>>Choose Contractor >>>>>>> Pay Contractor


Applicant completes Application

Applicant completes Intake Form


RWI approves
RWI presents to funder
RWI notifies Applicant

Choose Contractor

Applicant chooses contractor
Applicant informs RWI

Pay Contractor

Applicant submits contractor W-9 and Invoices to RWI
RWI pays Contractor
RWI notifies Applicant of payments released

Step one:

Complete Intake Form

Step two:

Complete Technical Assistance Funding Application
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