Internship Program

Looking for an intern?

Red Wing Ignite is offering a paid internship program to support small business owners and startups.  These internships will provide the opportunity for college students to learn various skills, experience company culture, practice time management, and build their resumes.  Interns will be paid $15 per hour, up to 120 hours by Red Wing Ignite.

There are a limited number of internships available.  If you are interested in providing an experience for an intern, click “apply now” below and get the process started.  Please have a job description handy for uploading to the form.  By submitting this application, you are accepting full responsibility and liability for the assigned intern.

The internship manager will contact you within 72 hours to accept your application

Companies looking for an intern


At ApplyNrent we have multiple facets like most start-up companies and they include: 
Sales (Telemarketing, cold call, lead generation, email, mailers, social media) Typical days include lead generation. Strategically forming a plan in action with a sales strategy best suited for our clients. Using existing support documents or creating new documents to provide additional support to a sales funnel. Making phone calls or an email campaign is considered when working with any lead list. Marketing (Social media, flyers, billboards, events, marketing funnels) Typical days are assessing current marketing campaigns in place. Deciding if the current impressions are suitable or if we pivot to a new marketing strategy. Social media is a heavy presence and we focus on this primarily.

Healling Mynd

We are a Startup company that visions to empower your Mynd by providing individual base access to the resources and connecting to mental health experts to overcome mental health stigma. 

We are looking for someone passionate about creating content for business development under the leadership of Healing Mynd founders. You will work collaboratively with the CEO to develop and execute business strategy and planning. You will get a unique opportunity to gain experience in various roles (creative, design, marketing, etc.)

Visit Red WING

Social Media Coordinator 

Job Description: The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining a strong
online presence for the Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau. Assist with the circulation of promotional and marketing materials, and provide support to the Executive Director of the VCB.

Essential Job Functions: Must be proficient in MS Office and design applications. Multitasking and prioritizing are essential to the success of this role. Responsible for developing and implementing the Red Wing Visitors & Convention Bureau’s social media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts.

The Creative Hand

The Creative Hand is a small gift shop in beautiful downtown Red Wing, MN.

I offer personalized gifts that use a variety of different applications; including Laser Engraving machine, Heat Presses, and Vinyl Cutter. I also offer trophies, plaques, and awards. As well as custom engraving on personal items.

I have been in business for a little over 2 years and do all work in-house. I’m looking for someone to help take some of the stress off the week in week out duties by helping in either production or office work.

CNC Operator duties and responsibilities 

A CNC Operator has many duties and responsibilities in any field of production. Some things expected of a CNC Operator daily include:

• Read and understand blueprint designs
• Set up machinery for production
• Rework metal to create the blueprint design
• Measure and verify all calculations prior to setting up the machinery
• Maintain a clean and organized working environment
• Complete routine maintenance of their machinery
• Enter all relevant codes to specify the feed, speed, and cut of any toolpath for a CNC

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