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Paul Kramp is the Senior Vice President of Alliance Bank. He has over 40 years of commercial and agricultural lending and management experience, including more than 30 years of senior level experience. Paul brings strong business development and relationship-building experience. Kramp previously was a Senior Vice President at Associated Bank. Paul received a BS degree from South Dakota State University, and is a graduate of the Graduate School and Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kramp has both ownership and board experience in agricultural and manufacturing businesses. Paul has and continues to be an active member in the community, who has served on the Red Wing School Board and is a board member of ProAct, a not-for-profit organization serving people with disabilities.


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The daughter of a veteran and an entrepreneur, Beth knew she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps. After 10 years in the US Army, and 10 years working in corporate America, she started a family and fulfilled the dreams of being a mother and a business owner all in the same year. Shortly after her first son was born, Beth went out to eat with some girlfriends and their babies. As babies do, the little ones were constantly dropping and throwing everything within reach onto the floor. At that moment, the idea for the Busy Baby Mat was born. The tenacity and resourcefulness gained during her Army years helped Beth launch her business and grow to 7-figure revenue in just two years. Beth and her brother Eric, also an Army Veteran, have grown the product line to 8 genius products that make life easier with a Busy Baby!


From humble roots to a consulting career, Tawonda has experienced a lot and understands what it’s like to want more with limited resources. As a Business Success Strategist since 2012, Tawonda has owned and operated ELOCINA, LLC, a Minnesota-based corporation that help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their greatest potential through innovative consulting, education, and fresh start financial decisions by evaluating circumstances, pinpointing root causes, and providing winning solutions. Her talent for translating ideas into action is evident in her work. She holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Her aspirations include continuous learning, teaching, and researching through education, peers, and experiences. She seeks to advance her expertise by applying cutting-edge research, innovation, and enhance her entrepreneurial spirit alongside other small business owners.


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