Red Wing Ignite's Summer Tech Internship Program

Does your organization have a challenge that college students could help solve? Red Wing Ignite sought funds to bring a cohort of three college students to our  community this summer. We encourage business, organizations and non-profits to  apply to have interns. 2-3 sites will be selected. Sites will be selected based on the  best learning opportunities provided to students. We are seeking students that have  completed their 2nd year in college, have computer science and communication  skills, work independently and are self-starters.

Why You Should Apply!

  • Move your organization forward 
  • Recruitment done for you
  • Grow your talent pipeline

Apply by April 1, 2018

Please Call 651-327-2115 to speak with Neela Mollgaard if you have any questions.

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Describe a big challenge that your organization is facing regardless of whether it has to do with technology.