First night at Red Hot Hack: Glenn Ricart on Net Gen Apps & Ideas from the Crowd

Attendees are still talking and making plans for hacks to be created tomorrow. The energy is high! Thanks to Glenn Ricart for sharing his presentation – it was interesting to hear about some of the next generation apps created…

And here’s a quick list of the app ideas brainstormed tonight. We’ll see which make the cut tomorrow and if any new ideas emerge. (You can follow the Tweets tomorrow at #redhothack to hear how things are going.)

1. Red Wing Tourism App

2. A LinkedIn for students

3. Remote access to CAD

4. Virtual tours/networking for prospective students

5. Remote access to guidance counselor for students

6. Keep seniors in their homes

7. Collective efficacy in neighborhoods

8. Games to keep build micro-communities

9. Public safety

10. Catalog radio networks via route

11. Track sites, restaurants et al via routes vs towns

12. Use audio/video & auto transcription to support community communication aka next-gen up E-Democracy

13. Schedule classes – even predict class needs

14. Manage kid tracking, from school to bus to home

15. Track a day in the life of a student

16. Live lectures to students

17. Get a variety of food into a small market

18. ArtKick

19. Simulations for public safety

20. Allow for remote medical “touch”

21. Leverage bandwidth for community akin to newspaper

22. Help students prepare for college – esp math

23. Connect classrooms to China

24. make site more interactive

25. Mobile loyalty cards