Red Hot Hack

Second Annual Red Hot Hack: Bigger and Better

Show Me Tell Me: 2015 Winners

Show Me Tell Me: 2015 Winners

The second annual Red Hot Hack was a success. Several members from the Blandin Broadband initiative were present and Ann Treacy was kind enough to give us a full report.

Red Wing Ignite enjoys national stage

Two winning teams from the Red Hot Hack event, hosted in April by Red Wing Ignite, were invited to demonstrate their next-generation applications at the US Ignite Application Summit in Silicon Valley, California, held June 24-27.

“We have proven innovation can happen in rural Minnesota,” Red Wing Ignite Executive Director Neela Mollgaard said. “Red Wing Ignite can help bring innovation to reality.”

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Red Wing demonstrates value of connectivity

As efforts to improve Internet access throughout rural Minnesota continue at the state Legislature, last weekend’s “Red Hot Hack” event hosted by Red Wing Ignite provided great real world examples of what cutting-edge technology and broadband connectivity can mean to a … click to read more

Red Hot Hack 2014

Great ideas, great people, great connections all over a Gig network at the Red Hot Hack

The First Annual Red Hot Hack was a resounding success and we want to thank everyone who made it work – the local Red Wing hosts who made all of the technology work, brought tasty food and arranged beer specials, the volunteer judges and coaches, visiting Glenn Ricart and Tim Walsh and of course the attendees. Great Projects

First night at Red Hot Hack: Glenn Ricart on Net Gen Apps & Ideas from the Crowd

Attendees are still talking and making plans for hacks to be created tomorrow. The energy is high! Thanks to Glenn Ricart for sharing his presentation – it was interesting to hear about some of the next generation apps created…

And here’s a quick list of the app ideas brainstormed tonight. We’ll see which make the cut tomorrow and if any new ideas emerge. (You can follow the Tweets tomorrow at #redhothack to hear how things are going.)

1. Red Wing Tourism App

2. A LinkedIn for students

3. Remote access to CAD

4. Virtual tours/networking for prospective students

5. Remote access to guidance counselor for students

6. Keep seniors in their homes

7. Collective efficacy in neighborhoods

8. Games to keep build micro-communities

9. Public safety

10. Catalog radio networks via route

11. Track sites, restaurants et al via routes vs towns

12. Use audio/video & auto transcription to support community communication aka next-gen up E-Democracy

13. Schedule classes – even predict class needs

14. Manage kid tracking, from school to bus to home

15. Track a day in the life of a student

16. Live lectures to students

17. Get a variety of food into a small market

18. ArtKick

19. Simulations for public safety

20. Allow for remote medical “touch”

21. Leverage bandwidth for community akin to newspaper

22. Help students prepare for college – esp math

23. Connect classrooms to China

24. make site more interactive

25. Mobile loyalty cards