Gigabit internet

Rural tech startups see success across the US

While tech startups have become synonymous with urban areas that offer improved access to talent, resources and infrastructure, the reality is that rural areas are also home to startups.

This may come as a surprise to those who have moved away from rural areas specifically to find a job in the tech industry..

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The Path Towards Tomorrow's Internet

Photo: Us-Ignite Smart Future 1st Day

Photo: Us-Ignite Smart Future 1st Day

Last week, US-Ignite, a Red Wing Ignite partner, held a conference in Washington, DC to promote the "future of the Internet and the next-generation applications it enables." The event was hosted by the National Science Foundation and GENI. Red Wing Ignite's executive director, Neela Mollgaard, was among the many who attended the conference including White House officials, local community leaders, university researchers and corporate scientists. The role of government in nurturing new technology and the rising importance of the Internet of Things were themes of a conference on the next-generation Internet. "The conference gave me great conviction in what we are doing at Red Wing Ignite" said Mollgaard. "We even received a quick shout out from Bill Wallace, the Executive Director of US-Ignite, during his presentation!"