Are you interested in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

E1 (Entrepreneurs First) is a collaborative effort underway in Southern Minnesota. Red Wing Ignite received a grant from Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation to elevate and connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern Minnesota.

The goal is to simplify the way individuals navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  During this pilot, we have purposefully convened a small core committee of connectors:

  • Sam Ziegler: Greenseam, Mankato - sziegler@greenseam.org

How E1 can benefit your city:

  • Increased resources and connections for you to offer

  • Greater efficiency and sustainability of entrepreneurial efforts in our region

How E1 benefits entrepreneurs and businesses:

  • Single point of access

  • Efficient use of time

  • Greater connectivity to resources and talent

We encourage you to reach out to any of our core committee members, if you have an entrepreneur or businesses that could benefit from this opportunity or any general questions.