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What: Learn, create and innovate using a wide array of tools for woodworking, metal working, CAD, CNC machines, 3D printers and more!

Who: hobbyists, makers, college students, individuals and businesses

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-9 pm (need to arrive before 8 pm)

Where: MN State College Southeast (RM 501 and exterior door P)

Why: Red Wing Ignite convened local makers, MN State College SE and steering committee to plan and launch a this regional resource.

Membership Rates:

Monthly = $30/ month

6 month = $150 (1 month free)

12 months = $300 ( 2 months free)

College Students - $20/month

Drop in Rate = $20/night

Liability and waiver forms will be required for membership

New members will be required to go through orientation by a lab manager.

Membership Choices

We continue to seek monetary donations, equipment, tools and supplies to offset our costs.



See calendar below for any additional availablity beyond the standard hours of Tuesday 5-9pm.