Our History

In June 2012, Hiawatha Broadband Communications nominated Red Wing to be a US Ignite community.  Hiawatha Broadband Communications offers a high-speed fiber-optic network to Red Wing area homes and businesses. A year later, Red Wing Ignite was created to leverage the gigabit technology, US Ignite partnership and the community wide enthusiasm for technology and innovation.

Red Wing Ignite

The Spark

While Red Wing may be one of the smaller US Ignite communities, the efforts are big.
With an esteemed board of directors, community advisory panel, a network of  mentors and national connections.  We work together to support entrepreneurs by providing an innovative environment for businesses to thrive.
Red Wing Ignite has a business accelerator for early stage businesses and hosts events to foster collaboration and innovation.  The community and the organizations are aligned to launch businesses better and faster.
Red Wing Ignite hosted the first known rural hackathon in 2014. Two of the teams were invited to demonstrate their products at the US Ignite Summit in Silicon Valley.  In addition to businesses in the accelerator, several teams have continued their efforts with an eye towards working with Red Wing to bring their projects to commercialization.

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US Ignite

US Ignite was initiated with leadership from the National Science Foundation in response to the Administration’s call to ensure all Americans have access to the information and tools necessary to thrive in a 21st-century economy.

The US Ignite Initiative has three primary components: 1) leveraging investments in advanced networks such as GENI, 2) jumpstarting public sector gigabit applications and services, and 3) launching the US Ignite Partnership, an independent nonprofit responsible for convening the private sector.