Red Hot Hack is interested in business ideas too

RHHlogo-300pxWe love the idea of coding for good and civic coding. We encourage and embrace civic coders and innovators! We invite you to join us with your best business and entrepreneurial ideas too. Our goals are to spur innovation in all sectors. And we’re going to have some notable business leaders, entrepreneurs and funders around to see what’s bubbling up. Our Goals for the Weekend

Inspire applications focused on education, public safety, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, energy and transportation. Draw from your passion to create a better way.

  • Create projects and applications that make use of our Gigabit broadband!
  • Respect progress at any stage. We understand that projects have a start, middle and end and that doesn’t always fit into a weekend. So please come with your freshly conceived ideas, your lifelong pursuit or your nearly finished project. Or come prepared to jump into a joint project.
  • Value all skills. Can’t code? That’s OK we need people who can write and organize and have experience knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  • Have fun and build relationships inside, outside and around Red Wing.

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