Got an Idea for a Red Hot Hack Project?

We’re getting closer and people are getting excited for the Red Hot Hack. If you have an idea you want to pitch for the event – let us know. You are welcome to pitch your idea as a comment or check out the Red Hot Hack Event Page and post your idea there. Saturday morning at the Red Hot Hack all attendees will be invited to pitch their ideas – but previewing them in advance might help attract support and/or initiate conversation that hones the idea and makes it even better before the event even starts.

We encourage you to pitch early and often!

We suspect that not all ideas pitched will become projects at the event. Attendees are welcome to select the projects that most interest them so some good ideas get shelved for later. That being said, we’re also happy to support a team of one. So even if it becomes a solo journey, we invite you to join us!

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