First Hack event? Wondering if it’s for you? It is!

RHHlogo-300pxThe short answer? If you have a desire to use technology to innovate – this if for you! The longer answers, depending on scenario…

I have an idea – Bring your ideas to the Red Hot Hack. It’s a great opportunity to work with colleagues (new or established) on an idea at any stage of development. Your new team can help you flesh out an approach or even help you decide if it’s an idea worth pursuing.

I have a team – Bring ‘em to the Red Hot Hack. Maybe you have an idea. Maybe you have a project your been working on for a while. Maybe you’re looking for new ideas. We can provide the space, the technology, the quiet. We can even provide some outside support in the form of event mentors and colleagues from other teams.

I have skills and/or time - Bring ‘em to the Red Hot Hack. Recognize that hack events aren’t just for coders and geeks. If you can write, organize, present, manage a project or even cheer people on, your skills will find a place. We’ll have people who are glad to put your to work for the weekend. (Heck maybe you’ll make a connection that will lead to a job beyond Sunday!)

Saturday morning attendees will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas and attendees will get an opportunity to choose the ideas they want to pursue. So there’s room for everyone at the tables!

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