An Environment for Businesses to Grow

We strive to offer support to local businesses, whether that means finding an intern, training your potential workforce, hosting your event or getting you connected with people and technology. We’re here for you.

Maker Space

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Red Wing Ignite is working with Minnesota State College Southeast and local makers on a Maker Space (RWMaker) – a place where community members can use and learn more about equipment and tools to make, invest and innovate. The joint venture is in the conceptual phase of development, but a newly re-furbished 2000 square foot lab is already beginning to fill up with equipment. This includes, but isn’t limited to, a CNC machine donated by Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense, a row of CAD/engineering computer workstations, a 3D printer, and power woodworking tools. More details shortly…

Currently RWMaker meets at Red Wing Ignite on the first Tuesday of every month. Learn more.

College Tech Internship

Red Wing Ignite started an internship program in 2015. Three interns were hired to work with three local companies. It was a win-win-win project. One student designed an app that his adopted company might bring it to market.  Together,  the interns saved the businesses over $100,000.  Many of the interns remained on staff for the school year.  We are continuing summer internships. Contact us if you are interested in applying to have an intern work with you. These are paid positions but companies have said value was higher than the cost both in terms of completing projects and making connections for future workforce. Through grants Red Wing Ignite supports part of the costs and helps businesses with the recruitment and hiring of talent. 

Co-Working and Meeting Space

Red Wing Ignite has private offices, meeting spaces and co-working space available to rent. There are individual and group co-working spaces. The fees start at $50 per month and packages are flexible to meet your needs. Membership includes 24/7 access to a dedicated desk or private office for teams of all sizes.

Our mixed-use space can accommodate your needs, whether you’re looking for a collaborative buzz, a quiet space to think or a professional place to meet clients or investors. We have printers, wi-fi, Gigabit access and the coffee is always on. Learn more

Events & Education 

Last year Red Wing Ignite hosted 150 events; 17 events were focused on learning opportunities for business members. We bring in trainers based on need expressed from members. We also host meetings where members can work with members to learn more about their areas of expertise. It’s an opportunity to learn from others and demonstrate your own expertise.  Here is a link to see upcoming events. 

Red Wing Ignite Events