Business Accelerator

Red Wing Ignite has a business accelerator for early stage businesses and hosts events to foster collaboration and innovation. We have an esteemed board of directors, community advisory group, national and regional networks that are eager to support entrepreneurs by offering advice, making connections, testing solutions or just cheering you on.  We link you to mentors, investors and customers to advance your business.

Red Wing Ignite is part of a national network (US Ignite) that shares a goal of creating Gig-worthy applications. We “ignite” the development and deployment of new apps with profound impact on how Americans work, live, learn and play.

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Entrepreneurs at Red Wing Ignite

By bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and advisors, we create a unique ecosystem for the Red Wing community to share ideas, resources and expertise. This ecosystem, in turn, promotes local and regional economic development through new company creation and expansion. We’ve found that when there’s a network of support and a community of likeminded cohorts pushing each other that businesses launch better and faster.

Zerda Startup Pitch at Red Wing Ignite