Where innovation becomes reality

Red Wing Ignite fuels economic development by working with key sectors of the community to spur innovation by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and students .  The non-profit organization was founded by the community of Red Wing in 2013, with the support of  local foundations and the City of Red Wing.

Red Wing Ignite provides:

  • Events to learn and connect 
  • Resources for all stages of businesses
  • Programs to prepare students for the workforce of tomorrow 
  • Regional and national networks 
  • Gigabit internet access
  • Collaborative space for meetings, co-working space and private offices 


By bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and advisors, we create a unique ecosystem for the Red Wing community to share ideas, resources and expertise. This ecosystem, in turn, promotes local and regional economic development through new company creation and expansion.

Partner with US Ignite

US Ignite is fostering the development of next-generation application.  Although Red Wing is one of the smallest cities,  in the partnership,  our vision and efforts are big.  US Ignite was founded by the National Science Foundation and the White House to keep the United States globally competitive.  We “ignite” the development and deployment of new apps with profound impact on how Americans work, live, learn and play.

We have the "Gig"

At 1 billion “bits per second,” a gigabit is 200 times faster than today's U.S. average of roughly 5 million bits per second (5 Mbps).

The next generation “gigabit” Internet is not only about going faster, it's about completely changing how we approach everything from education to healthcare, as we transition to an Internet of Immersive Experience.  So what can you do with the gig?